Do you have in mind an ideal location for FISH DELISH?

Are you an energetic and charismatic entrepreneur with a desire to bring a new concept to the existing market?

FISH DELISH is your ideal business opportunity!

FISH DELISH BRAND represents a modern and innovative concept of street food restaurant that prepares and serves dishes whose basic ingredient is fish and the exclusive and uncompromising condition is the quality of the ingredients.


By continuously monitoring gastronomy trends, we have noticed the lack of this kind of offer on the market. This is how the idea of forming the innovative approach of preparing, processing and combining fish ingredients arose. The result is the creation of tasty, visually attractive and appealing fish dishes that attract at first sight, inviting you to come back yet another time after having the opportunity to taste them. The whole fish story was completed with a recognisable visual brand identity, logo, catchy and easily memorable name, and standardisation of every phase in the preparation and serving of the dishes.

The idea of FISH DELISH brand was accurately developed by a franchiser who used all his previously gained knowledge in the fish purchase and wholesale, enabling him to choose the best foods from a wide range of products, getting to analyse in detail the market, customer habits, and trends.
Based on his experience, the franchiser designed the FISH DELISH brand, which in a short time became marketable among a wide range of satisfied customers, as a place for delicious, healthy, and modern fish dishes.

FISH DELISH offers to its franchisees several business models
in relation to the form of the facility, which depends primarily on the selected location.

The acquisition of the franchising business model on a “turnkey” basis includes the “standalone” container unit fully equipped with all professional equipment, with interior design in accordance with the visual identity of the brand, ready for starting the business.
This type of “standalone” design container unit is suitable for larger and smaller tourist centres and is equipped with all the equipment needed to prepare all the dishes from our offer.


The acquisition of the franchising business model, in this case, is the same as the previously described one. The only difference is that this container unit is intended for placement near to or on a beach, where the offer of dishes is limited to burgers, sandwiches, and fish & fries, and accordingly the unit itself is smaller and equipped with the necessary professional equipment. All of the above is optional and suitable for expanding the offer in case of need.


The acquisition of the franchising business model in a business space is completely adapted and designed in accordance with the overall recognisable visual identity of the brand. It is adapted to larger tourist centres, places, and cities, as well as all-day business, and the menu itself has been expanded to the special breakfast segment.


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Inquiry, consultation

Submission of completed franchise questionnaire

Credit check

Phone interview

Confidentiality agreement

Investment plan, profitability forecast

Second phone call to address any questions, if any

Confirmation of further interest

Franchise contract, trademark license agreement, preliminary agreement

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